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Stupid Drivers

by Joe Romersa

Who hasn’t had their moment of stupid while driving?! “Stupid Drivers” is a nod and a wink to us all but mostly THEM. “Stupid Drivers” has a bluesy groove and a danceable beat. Joe Romersa gives voice to the satirical lyrics with his unmistakable throaty growl, while Greg Durschlag ’s slide guitar brings a retro rock sound backed by the driving bass line played by Rick Reed. Honk if you’re horny. Co-written by Joe Romersa, Greg Durschlag, and Rick Reed.

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We're On Your Side

by Calimen

With all the shootings going on in the USA, school students have become all too frequent targets. Now, the powers that be want teachers to carry guns in case a shooting comes to their school. This song is simply saying we side with the students in keeping guns, and gun violence, out of their schools.