The life of an artist is one of constant learning and growing. It is not an endeavor done in solitude but with the support and mentoring of others. Creativity requires risk taking. Risk taking assumes failure. As an artist, these failures are ignored and the passion for the music allowed to prevail. Music is the community that allows this passion to survive.
Joe has been fortunate to have worked with some of the industry's legendary musicians, many of whom he still calls friends. He shares with you a glimpse of those he’s known throughout his career and acknowledges them for the positive presence in his life. While some have gone on to that eternal gig, they live on, their music giving them life eternal.

For your enjoyment, Joe has included pictures of friends,  memories of past bands, and candid pictures from his youth. 
  1. Steve Lukather 1998
  2. Jake Hanna 1983
  3. Louie Belson 1983
  4. Nuclear Test Band 1975
  5. Eden "ahbe" Ahbez 1991
  6. First gig 1970
  7. Aynsley Dunbar 1983
  8. Vinnie Colaiuta 1997
  9. Akira Yamaoka (Silent Hill) 2002
  10. Marc Tanner 1979
  11. Howie Epstein and Carlene Carter 1993
  12. Michael Steele 1980
  13. Yolie Lox and the Bears 1984
  14. FAME 1974
  15. Bonnie Rait 1991
  16. O the Band
  17. Soy Cowboy
  18. Chris Bellman 2016